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R & D Center

Regardless of is the professional technology and business background already have considerable precipitation is expanding R & D center a total of R & D personnel 17 people, including graduate students degree six people, college degree or above 5 people, most R & D personnel are in the lithium industry for many years of experience. R & D center adhering to the "business the right way, pioneering and innovative" concept from the beginning, the in-depth research, developed the first generation product is expanding the negative, to achieve the product performance of high capacity and high efficiency, high first, has made tremendous benefits in digital battery field, lays a foundation for the extension the development of; since 2014, with the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, the rapid rise of power battery R & D, focus on the future development of cathode of the battery as the development direction of the company, has developed the H3C series, ES series, H series and a variety of anode power storage products, meet the electric vehicles, electric buses, hybrid cars improve mileage, fast charging, different requirements for use at low temperatures, in digital battery field, to achieve a production H series of a variety of products In the next two years will be fully pushed into the market is expected from the, on the energy density of the promotion to the customer provides a good technical solution, and gradually formed a positive extension of the second generation of products; is expanding the R & D center is actively trying to develop to silicon carbon material as representative of the third generation of new anode products. Aiming at the energy density increase, fast charging and discharging, long cycle life, performance to achieve the start of in-depth study, has achieved the preliminary progress.

R & D center of the mission is to take the different routes to achieve the continuous upgrading of products, with the continuous development of innovative ideas to establish a leading position in the industry. Companies to further strengthen research and technology strength, particularly the establishment of technical research and Development Committee, the committee by senior experts in the industry and is expanding the senior management personnel, to ensure the timeliness and advanced R & D, also accord with the demand of company business development. At present, our company has with Hunan University signed "lithium ion battery with graphite anode materials" strategic cooperation agreement, continuous improvement and improve R & D team cooperation ability in new product development, technology and customer service, within 2 to 3 years built domestic lithium ion battery industry influential research base, and develop the theory research and development of production technology of professionals in the lithium ion battery cathode field. At the same time, R & D center and Nanchang University established "production, learning and research" alliance, forward-looking, basic research, joint development of new cathode materials and commitment to fund projects, truly advanced materials from the laboratory to the industrialization of the change. R & D center also and domestic top ten several clients established strategic cooperative relations, to establish laboratory of joint development, customized products, timely response. At the same time, work together to solve the two sides met some practical engineering problems, in order to enhance the production efficiency and reduce the cost, enhance the competitiveness of their products to build a solid foundation.

R & D center assumed the lithium associated with a number of government projects, has set up a "provincial enterprise technology center" and Jiangxi Province lithium ion battery cathode materials engineering technology research center ", has become the only one anode materials engineering center in Jiangxi Province. Up to now, has applied for 32 national patents, of which 7 patents and 18 utility model patents have been authorized, 7 patents in the substantive examination phase. .

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