Fringe benefits
Human resources
1, salary structure: basic salary, performance salary, performance bonus, research and development of special bonus, project performance bonus.
2, social security benefits: the purchase of insurance;
3, working hours: 8 days 5.5 hours, statutory holidays paid leave;
4, the work environment: human nature, comfortable management, equipped with a light basketball court, billiards room, enterprise library, table tennis room and other recreational facilities;
5, food and accommodation conditions: package food, accommodation, all air conditioning room, 24 hours hot water;
6 and other benefits: legal marriage, funerals, maternity leave; holidays to distribute gifts or gifts, held a dinner; birthday welfare; quarter sports team PK activity; free physical examination regularly, both inside and outside the province of tourism; the Spring Festival holiday, depending on the operations of the company generally 12-15 days, paid annual leave five days (15 days), held from time to time entertainment and trade union activities;